dance party series

A collaborative effort brought to you by:

Mistress Mambo

Anais Laurent

Smoking Zippers


Featuring DJs: 

Coco and Breezy


Mista Selecta

Mistress Mambo

Hav Mercy

sunday, july 2, 2017 // decades rooftop

Remember when parties were tinged with the excitement for meeting people, both new and old? Where deep conversations were ignited on the dance-floor, and lasting sparks progressed into our lives, thereafter? Showing up meant a step out of one’s comfort zone and into the night, as we expanded our horizons by letting our guards down and opening up to the possibilities of pure connection. 

Introducing: Bare Bonez

These days too often, dance parties are dictated by turn-up genres, where they seemingly miss the point of appeasing the eclectic and diverse tastes of the people. We recognize this, and aim to do just that – not only appease, but encompass the true nature of our distinctly colorful hometown and be a reflection of the cultural melting pot that is D.C.

Fortunately, D.C is home to some of the most refreshing, charismatic, and engaging individuals, and we aim to provide the space and set the right mood that encourages connection between people from all walks of life. Striving to bridge the gap with a heavy focus on open-format music, where DJs can express their respective forms of art, shedding light on the DJ as, not only the purveyor of hypnotic tunes, but as the energy-generating artist that she is, in and of itself. This will be a mutually benefiting experience promoting equality, where we are all one with the DJ and with one another, sharing the same plane. Calling all: movers, shakers, wig-snatchers, DC natives, tourists,  down-to-mars girls, round the way boys and everything in between! Check your worries, judgments - and most importantly, EGO - at the door, all you will need are your open-minds, and wild hearts <3.  

intention/affirmation written by: Nina Vodo